Enabling solar installers to
Deploy More Solar Faster.

We’re making residential solar more accessible with affordable, no-hidden-fee solar loans.

Installer-friendly, affordable, no-hidden-fee solar loans.

Welcome to Blu Opportunity – a pioneering FinTech company created with one mission: to enable solar installers to deploy more solar faster.

We get it. Transitioning to solar can seem like a steep climb for homeowners, especially when traditional financing models pile on those pesky origination or dealer fees which can bloat homeowners’ solar project’s cost by up to 42%.

By offering affordable, no-hidden-fee residential solar financing, Blu Opportunity is making the transition to solar energy and storage more accessible for every homeowner.

We also ensure solar installers receive payments directly, in a fraction of the usual time, enhancing their cash flow, and sparking a surge in customer referrals.

The U.S. needs to deploy more solar faster.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Information Administration (EIA), solar panels made up 4.7% of U.S. electricity generation in 2022.

To meet our decarbonization goals under the Paris Climate Agreement, solar needs to account for 40% of our electricity by 2035.

To achieve this, we need solar deployment to grow at more than four times its current rate.

This energy transition is critical to mitigating climate change, protecting human health, and revitalizing the U.S. economy.

Financing of residential solar energy projects can help cover the upfront cost of a solar system, enabling faster deployment of solar power.

Enabling solar installers to deploy more solar faster.

Growing the business as a solar installer is challenging, especially during times of high interest rates.

Blu Opportunity is installer-friendly – we help you attract and convert leads with access to exclusive, affordable clean energy financing. You get paid sooner, and scale your business faster than ever. 

Benefits to installers:

  • Fast approvals & disbursements – Net 10 days payment directly from Blu Opportunity.
  • Competitive interest rates with no dealer fees.
  • Installer-friendly payout schedules.
  • Integration with Blu Banyan’s SolarSuccess platform allows for automated payment processing, simplifying and expediting the payment process.

Solar for every homeowner.

Blu Opportunity is pioneering a fresh approach, designed specifically to shatter the barriers of excessive, hidden, and unnecessary fees.

By completely doing away with dealer fees, we’ve reinvented solar financing to be straightforward, cost-effective, and within every homeowner’s reach.

Benefits to homeowners:

  • No hidden dealer fees.
  • Competitive interest rates.
  • Get full benefit of the ~30% federal and state tax credits that reduce the project cost.

But it’s more than just about savings. By joining us, homeowners are not only making an eco-friendly choice for their home, but also actively contributing to the U.S.’ larger mission against climate change.

We believe making clean energy affordable and accessible to all will drive positive environmental change.

Therefore, we’re making residential solar financing more affordable to enable solar installers deploy more solar faster, which helps the U.S. meet its commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement for climate change mitigation. 

This is a resounding triumph for homeowners, solar installers, and, ultimately, our shared planet.